Complaints and Concerns

July 27th, 2010

Do you ever feel distressed when encountering difficulties in daily life in China and have no where to turn because of language or information barriers?

If so, please let us help you.

The English Department of People’s Daily Online will launch a new column named “Complaints and Concerns.”

We hope this column will provide help for foreigners living in China. We will listen to your difficulties and complaints in daily life and make efforts to help you. If necessary, we will try to redirect your problems to the correct departments in order to help you solve problems and preserve your legitimate legal rights in China.

You can e-mail us with the difficulties and problems you experience while living in China. Our e-mail address is

Our column will publish the letters from netizens, which only represents personal opinions because some letters involving specific units, departments or individuals are not verified. Netizens’ English letters will be translated into Chinese and also published on People’s Daily Online Chinese Edition. We will accurately publish the actual situation and release the process and results to the public.

In addition, in order to communicate with you and reply to you in a timely manner, we encourage you to leave your real identity and contact information in the e-mail and enclose comprehensive evidence, such as words and pictures. We promise that your personal information will not be released to the public.

Thank you for your support and attention.

Waiting for your letters.

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poisoned PDF files

July 6th, 2010

Attacks employing poisoned PDF files have leaped to the top of the threat list, according to statistics from major security companies. Symantec reports that suspicious PDF files skyrocketed in 2009 to represent 49 percent of Web-based attacks that the company detected, up from only 11 percent in 2008. The next-most-common attack, involving a good old Internet Explorer flaw, was far behind at 18 percent.In a typical scenario, crooks might hijack a legitimate site and insert a PDF file made to exploit flaws in Adobe Reader. They then link to that PDF via social-engineering lures such as spam or comments on a blog or social network. Even astute users who check the link would see a legit domain. Not knowing the site wasPlate Heat Exchanger hacked, they would be more likely to download and open the file.Now, a new threat allows for launching malware hidden inside a PDF file. In this type of attack, discovered by researcher Didier Stevens, opening the PDF file triggers an attempt to install the malware. The action causes Adobe Reader to produce a confirmation pop-up, which gives you a chance to halt the attack by clicking the ‘Do Not Open’ button–but Stevens found that attackers could tweak the pop-up’s message. His example reads, “To view the encrypted message in this PDF document, select ‘Do not show this message again’ and click the Open button!” Using such a message, attackers could allay potential victims’ suspicion.

Here’s the kicker: This embedded-file threat makes creative use of functionality built into the PDF standard. As such, it works not only on Adobe Reader but on other PDF readers, too, even if they’re up-to-date. The makers of the Zeus Trojan horse are already using this new technique to spread their evil software.Changing a program setting in the current version of Adobe Reader can help. Head to Preferences, Trust Manager, and deselect Allow opening of non-PDF file attachments with external applications. See the Adobe Reader Blog for more details.The latest 3.3 update for the Foxit PDF reader also has a new Safe Reading setting–enabled by default under a new Trust Manager section in the preferences–that likewise blocks embedded programs from running.Since traditional PDF exploits almost always hunt for one of the many holes in Adobe Reader, using an alternative PDF program is a good idea. But it’s no guarantee of safety. When the embedded-file attack first surfaced, Foxit didn’t even display a confirmation pop-up–it simply allowed the attack to proceed. Whichever reader you use, it’s vital to keep it up-to-date. Both Adobe and Foxit are working on new security features to further mitigate the embedded-file risk.

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to combat deadly virus

June 4th, 2010

A 12-year-old Australian girl and her mother are the first people to try an experimental treatment for a deadly virus after the girl’s horse died from the infection, researchers said on Friday.

The virus, called Hendra virus, emerged in Australia in the 1990s and can kill up to 75 percent of people infected.

Christopher Broder of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in the United States, and colleagues sent the treatment, an engineered version of a human immune system protein, to the girl after hearing about the viral outbreak.

Australian media said the girl and her mother took the first doses of the drug on Thursday.

“There was an outbreak last week in a horse in Australia,” said Thomas Geisbert of Boston University, who works with the team that developed the treatment. “We have a monoclonal antibody that we have used in the lab.”

The antibody was developed to work against the closely related Nipah virus.

Hendra and Nipah viruses are carried by a type of fruit bat commonly called flying foxes.

The viruses can cause brain swelling and acute respiratory illness.

The monoclonal antibody attaches to the virus and helps neutralize it. Until this week it had only been tested in animals, but kept them from becoming ill after they were infected with Nipah.

Geisbert and Australian media said the girl and her mother were not sick but had been in close contact with the horse.

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Seven kinds of specific sides (two)

November 30th, 2009

Fourth, alum saves someone’s life the magical effect is square (alum, have another name called the alum, or famous aluminite. )

All eat filefishes, and all other poisonous substance by mistake. Or because accident force, intent, commit suicide, commit suicide, can swallow opium, Arsenicum, gamboge, all bad person’s internal organs, make people kill every poisonous substance, and clothes is wrong poison,etc.. Can use one of alum, break, wash, take with boiled water, and then to cold water several bowl, so long as vitriol water keep strong and getting sour and astringent bad smell but. Even if patient, take this vitriol water several bowl, less than one quarter, can the poisonous substance eaten, macerate and vomit it completely, get the life of saving from damage. Even if the time of taking poison irritate more vitriol water and enter the belly too long, or can still also treat and cure. I.e. internal organs already the broken,it save as,also it hurt. (The head presses: Square seal this of the house should harvest their, everybody the alum always on the alert, in order to meet an urgent need also in the mere work of master, the wonderful flavor that another licorice root also detoxifies, should be always on the alert)

Fifth, the most effective method to treat hemorrhoid! !

Apt to be freezing cold when it is very cold in winter, the main position: The toe side of the foot, squat behind the foot; Back of the hand of the hand. For being aglow to meet hot to itch while being strange, get broken cover fester slowly, cure with general medicine within shortest time while being very much difficult usually, and will also recur in the second year, thus influence normal life and study, so I introduce a most effective therapeutic method (actually the method is very simple) to everybody : A sharp hot pepper when finding hands or footing present the red and swollen omen(that kind very hot, generally sell on the market) Boil, wait for with water purification cool to can start reluctantly, (should hot) It is watered in the affected part that soaked with water with a piece of cloth, wash until water repeatedly coolly, there are no limitations on the application number, until symptom disappears(generally can be cured for two or three times) ,You will find even if it warm a dim one this say to be comfortable first feeling very in winter in whole evening in very cold trick of you in the course of using! Above stem from by network,to imitate, have besides one party have that head my father help by side of people often: I.e. made lotion with mashed potatoes and brown sugar, especially to the hemorrhoid specially good effect of trick, another hemorrhoid fruit healed after heads once recommended this side to an unskilled labourer who did breakfast.

Sixth, treat simple and convenient specific plaster of vertigo

Herba Agrimoniae 90 red date 12, water fry clothes, over one o’clock, take after meals morning and evening, three – heal 5 day.

Seventh, thecal cyst proved recipe

4 grams of Fructus Gardeniae

Safflower  Bend in Sichuan  A Radix Paeoniae Rubra  Angle of soap  Olibanum  There are no medicines  3 grams

Peach kernel  Triangular  E’s skill  Cassia twig  Chinese angelica  2 grams

Grind the above medicine to thinly the end, use three grams each time, adjust with Chinese liquor into the pastel, the plastic paper is covered, the bandage is fixed, change dressings once every day, eradication 5-14 times.


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Seven kinds of specific sides

November 30th, 2009

Seven kinds of specific sides
First, specific side of toothache:

6 grams of camphor  3 grams of fossil fragments  3 grams of piercing grasses  3 grams of licorice root

Have medicines to grind and soak thinly in high Chinese liquor (wine can submerge medicine) ,But light the wine, such as wine being too low to light in degree, after the fire goes out and fires by oneself, the wine cools and sucks medicated wine juice for about 30 minutes promptly slightly (soak and ache the tooth) Vomit, can’t eat after employing (medicine after supper, otherwise apt to decrease the gum, heal once)

——The medicine juice can’t be swallowed, vomit after includesing and soaking! ! ! This has a toothache to gingivitis, periodontitis, wind fire squarely, decayed tooth, rotten tooth, wisdom tooth have a toothache effectively, swell and ache lightly once, heal twice at most! Supplement the main point: Must make medicinal solution finished while sucking the wine.  This side stems from the high people in the network, hope Volkswagen is wide to spread it, god tests magical effect

Second, specific prescription of stomach trouble

Radix Notoginseng powder is 3 grams, pig’s red meat is 0.1 kilograms. Put one light bowl, add some water, take meat eat soup after steam familiar. Once every other day, 3-5 times of the lighter, the in weight one fully recover more than 10 times.

Treat all too much hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, gastroptosis, stomach neuralgia, the stomach is secreted few, indigestion, it is uncomfortable that it is stuffy to rise, the stomach pains incessantly, all intestines and stomach diseases have specially good effect. (please don’t collect secret, wide to spread, help, render a great service to mankind generation)

Third, water relieving pain of magical effect cure sciatica

Water relieving pain of magical effect, to the wet numbness type sciatica of chill, shoulder week inflammation, traumatic injury,etc. have specially good effect.

Prescription: Grasses are 50 grams of dark, a piece of Artemisia and 30 grams, 50 grams of only garlics, 30 grams of Rhizoma Chuanxiongs, red stilbene is 25 grams, blood rattan is 25 grams,

20 of cassia twig, 20 of trident maple, 20 of alangium, 25 of Radix Clematidis, leaf spend 20, leaf spend 20 grams

Strong in 30, wood 25 gram coherent, 20 of Cortex Eucommiae, cross river dragon 30, four of 30 gram in tile, 20 of wood all sides millennium,

15 grams of Chinese prickly ash, having no medicine 20 grams, 20 grams of Olibanum, dog’s bone is 50 grams, 15 grams of honeycombs, poisonous snake is 2-  3, 50 kilograms of wine or medical alcohol and 10 kilograms

The above-mentioned medicines are soaked in 10 kilograms of wine bubbles can be used in half a month, but only limited to that for external use, can’t take orally. Sign, soak with cotton medicinal solution paint, on affected part, can’t wipe on skin making of mouth. By and then wash handsing, so as not to be poisoned. Take followingly orally squarely such as cooperating with, curative effect is better. Square medicine: A Radix Clematidis, Cortex Eucommiae, wild celery, Herba Taxilli, five plus cover, pass river skin, spend, root of bidentate achyranthes, millennium good for, Radix Gentianae Macrophyllae, Rhizoma Corydalis, milk, wind-proof, cassia twig, teasel root, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, four tile, take this side need avoid under the leaf

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Broad-leaved epiphyllum dream

March 6th, 2009

Broad-leaved epiphyllum dream
You are a remote scenery
Like that mirage
For instance, the cigarette is like the fog
Float and die in the twinkling of an eye
There is no regret of the speech
Let my tear stains be clear
Can’t find the homeward journey of the heart
Dusky the sky
The drizzle is like the silk
Drip and hang everywhere
Just like the sad teardrop
Perhaps you are a cloud in the sky
The attentive lake of projection once in a while
In the twinkling of an eye
The trace has disappeared
One wonderful this HTML clipboard
Have left endless loneliness
Swallowing that bitterness alone
Having a trial test that share is feeling sad

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The dream is in the distant place

March 6th, 2009

The dream is in the distant place
The dream is in the distant place, we face each other through the mountain, that one on the mountain, face that I have seen you smiling.
The dream is in the distant place, we face each other across the sea, that side of the sea, you on the sandy beach enjoy the wave of the sea.
Dream in distant place, we separate, face each other generation, you of paradise, it is so eagle-eyed for sight to remain, it is so courageous and resolute and straight forward that the personality remains, it is so intrepid and full of power and grandeur that the makings remain.
The dream is in the distant place, gather around in our dream, in the ones that whisper were led along by hand, I have seen tearful your sight. The interval of two generations of negative and positive is with three years definitely, we are still caring for and overlooking each other each other ——. HTML clipboard

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Hello world!

March 5th, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Go to Admin area of your blog to Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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